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Saturday, 24 December 2011


     HIII I AM BACK AGAIN WITH SUM NEW TRICKSSSSSS........Computer speed is a vital aspect, given that we depend a lot on it for our day-to-day activities. Getting good computer’s performance depends mostly on what you are using that computer for at a particular time. So, that means your computer performance depends on how you are using it.
If you noticed that your computer system is working slowly or if it is not producing the actual results you want from it, I have provided for you top seven tips to help you increase your computer speed exponentially without the need of changing any part of your computer.

Delete TEMP file consistently

Your computer TEMP, stands for temporary files, can affect how your system works. So if you have more file and folder changes on your computer, it would be nice if you can delete your TEMP file so that your computer’s memory consumption can reduce to help you enjoy speed at your PC.

Always browse few websites at a time

Surfing too many websites at once can affect how your computer behaves. If you don’t surf wisely, you’ll starts to notice that your computer will keep working badly the way you don’t want it. Make sure that you don’t load too many websites at a time so as to avoid decreasing your computer’s performance.
Another reason you should avoid opening more websites at once is it can cause your computer to start heating. And that can cost you many things if you don’t take good care of it after all.

Clear your browser cache all the time

Browser cache can also one of the causes when it comes to a computer slowing down. When you are surfing different websites on the net, each caches from all those sites are stored on your computer browser’s cache storage space by default. They accumulate.
So do a browser cache cleaning once in a week or so. You can also choose to automatically clear your browser cache upon closing the browser each time.

Update your computer’s Operating system

The kind of operating system you have, installed on your PC can also be the reason that will determine how your computer works in term of speed. So, make sure that you installed good and updated operating system on your PC.

Upgrade your System Memory

The capacity of your computer can also affect how it delivers. If you are using a low capacity computer, doing high-end tasks can be very hard because the computer will keeps working slowly.

Don’t Multi-Task Your Computer Too Much

Trying to do too many things at once can affect how your computer performs in term of speed. So make sure that you don’t overload your computer if you want it to work better and faster.
Exit unwanted applications or the applications that you don’t use currently.

Reduce your Computer’s Addon

The total amount of the browser add-ons installed on your pc can also cause your computer to slow down. So, make sure that you decrease them as fast as possible so that your computer can work at the great pace.
By following these techniques, you will be able to increase your computer speed by making sure that you are not making some of the mistakes that will cause your computer to start malfunctioning.


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