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Thursday, 21 November 2013

How to hack Windows password

Hey friend's welcome to the tutorial on how to hack Windows password .

*Note : This tutorial is for educational purpose only. Am not responsible for the cause. (-_-)

Windows password can be easily hacked using "cmd" . I know many of readers will definitely try this in their college or school . So i wont explain you the required conditions for the success of cracking the windows password .Guys frankly speaking dont try this at school or college ,because even a single alphabet can bring a huge damage on your system. If you are not sure what you are doing then you should not try this. .

hack windows

 Just follow steps :

STEP 1 : Open "cmd" , from user account in order to hack Administrator Password .

STEP 2 : enter a command " net user " . This will result into no. of active user acount in the system/lappy.

STEP 3: Enter a command " net user administrator " . Here "administrator" is the name of account that you are going to change.

STEP 4: Enter a command "net user administrator xyz" .

And you are done . Here xyz is the new password of administrator .

Step 5: Enter "exit".

Its so easy .. isn't it ?

Dont try this at your school/college. (^__^)

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Upcoming Big Change : TIZEN a brand new Competitor for Android.


In this changing world every thing is changing really fast .As we know today there is boom of Google developed Android OS ,But in the up coming days we can see a big change .The big change is "Tizen Os".What is Tizen ? Why it is a threat to Android ? We will see in this post further.

Tizen first look
Tizen 2.2 beta screen

Tizen  is a Linux-based operating system for devices including smartphonestabletsin-vehicle infotainment (IVI) devices, and smart TVs. Its licensing model involves software using a variety of open source licenses which may be incompatible, along with a proprietary SDK. It aims to offer a consistent user experience across devices. The Tizen project resides within the Linux Foundation and is governed by a Technical Steering Group (TSG) composed of Samsung and Intel. Tizen roots back to the Samsung Linux Platform (SLP) and the LiMo Project and recently, Samsung merged its homegrown Bada project into Tizen. Intel put some of its MeeGo work into Tizen.

There are a lot of companies that are currently supporting and working on Tizen some of them are:-

Tizen association members
Tizen association members 

 Here are four reasons TIZEN will be a game-changer:
  • Tizen is well-supported. Tizen is steered primarily by Intel, Samsung, and the Tizen Association (formerly LiMo Foundation), all under the umbrella of the Linux Foundation. The Tizen Association counts Fujitsu, Huawei, Orange, Panasonic, Sprint, and Vodafone among its members.
  • Tizen is compatible with HTML5. Poor app ecosystems doomed the aforementioned mobile Linux platforms, and certainly played a role in the downfall of BlackBerry and the tepid acceptance of Windows Phones. HTML5 compatibility will give Tizen users access to a wide range of apps without the need to address the challenge of attracting native app developers.
  • The Android brand is no longer important. Samsung, the leading manufacturer of Android-based smartphones, rarely uses the word “Android” in its advertisements anymore. Check it out for yourself on the company’s newly launched Galaxy S4 page. Not a single reference to Android on the entire site. I don’t think it’s too far-fetched to read to read between the lines…
  • Samsung is poised to ditch Android. Despite being the Android leader, Samsung has never fully committed to the platform. The company has seemingly always been in search of a strong alternative, having at different times dabbled with bada, MeeGo, Windows, and now Tizen. Between some of the legal headaches associated with the use of Android (Apple lawsuits, the “Microsoft Tax,” etc.) and Google’s acquisition of a top competitor (Motorola Mobility), Samsung appears more eager than ever to move on.

    So This was a quick overview about the latest upcoming much waited TIZEN .
    In the next post we will talk about why tizen is coming up as a rival of android.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

How to Add Folders to Send To Menu?

How to Add Folders to Send To Menu? Many of us may like to group similar type of files in a particular folder. When you want to move a file from one location to other, you usually copy it from the source then paste it at the desired destination. If you want to move such files to a particular folder frequently then instead of having to switch between these locations, it would be convenient for you to have a Send To menu as you right click on that file, by customizing the Send to menu. Here I am sharing a small trick on How to add folders to send to option in the context menu.  Then you will be able to send a file to any Folder directly via Send To Menu.

Just follow these 4 simple steps:

Thursday, 20 June 2013

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Friday, 15 February 2013

What actually is Linux??

(often pronounced LIH-nuhks with a short "i") is a 

Unix-like operating system that was designed to provide 

personal computer users a free or very low-cost 

operating system comparable to traditional and usually 

more expensive Unix systems. Linux has a reputation as 

a very efficient and fast-performing system. Linux's 

kernel (the central part of the operating system) was 

developed by Linus Torvalds at the University of Helsinki 

in Finland. To complete the operating system, Torvalds 

and other team members made use of system 

components developed by members of the Free Software

 Foundation for the GNU Project.

What actually Apple Mac is?? And how it is different from windows PC

A Mac is a type of laptop computer or computer -- desktop computer, laptop computer or product PC -- created and promoted by Apple Inc., which operates on the Mac os, known as Mac OS. The primary opponent of  Mac pcs are computer systems that run on the Ms windows based pc created by Ms Corp., which are often associated with the name "PC," especially when evaluating Ms windows and Mac computer systems. There are lots of variations between Mac pcs and PCs in their features, elements and cost.

Apple mac vs windows pc


The apple company first introduced the Macintosh pc in 1984. It was the first pc to use a gui that made it simpler for users to use programs and devices. Fourteen years later, in 1998, The apple company began producing the iMac, which changed the laptop or pc market because it made it easier to access the Internet, eliminated the then-obsolete 3.5-inch floppy disk drive and used a hardware (USB) interface. The apple company continued refining the iMac line, which simply became known as the "Mac."

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Compress big file into magical small size

Hi Guys, Toady at Computer tricks ..we are goin to give out  solution to a common problem which Teenagers(Basically GAMERS) faces in Daily life.
It is the large size of game setup..It is very frustrating

kgb archive free download

But now guys i have got a wonderful solution to this problem..It is   Kgb archive

How effective is it?
Well by this method I converted NFS UNDERGROUND 2 which is somewhat around 2 Gb tb 21 Mb. And same is the case with everything important I wanted to save.
How did I do it?
You are just about to know… Read on.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Top 10 facebook Apps to use

Facebook,Facebook and Facebook.......
Everybody now a days have a facebook account these day ..facebook is connecting everyone these day.Its has increased our social presence .So as from the title  it is clear that on what topic my post is goin to be. The Facebook Applications..Now a days to make our social presence better we have to use various application..These apps if used in a good way can make our social life very easier....

So now coming  straight to the topic these apps are on the top.they are used globally use them and make your life easier :)




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