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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

5 things Every New Beginner Hacker Should Know

ey guyz, these days at Computer Tricks we are going to talk about “5 Most Typical Errors Done by Newbies in the area of Hacking“ or we can say “5 factors Every New Starter Cyberpunk Should Know”.
This publish is for everyone out there who actually want to become a real hacker:-
1) Never believe in websites that ask you for cash in come back of Coughing Application programs or who declare to Crack E-mail Id’s in come back of cash. All such factors are Fraud . Nothing Performs.

2) There is NO DIRECT SOFTWARE  to Crack Facebook or myspace , Search engines , Search engines or any other big web page. All the softwares that declare to do so are scam. They are just intended to take your cash and in more intense situations, those softwares have trojan viruses or remote monitoring software in them. Consequently your consideration gets compromised trying to compromise into others.
3) NEVER EVER use the remote monitoring software or trojan viruses you discover as free software on online. Online hackers are not fools. They gather remote monitoring software and trojan viruses almost with any such software and when you set up them , you are already compromised before even trying to compromise into others.
4) You are never going to be a fantastic hacker without the information of development and scripting 'languages'. When you are going to use only premade softwares and would rely on them for hacking anything then your performance would be restricted up to the performance of the application. When you are not going to use the mind , just doing the duplicate insert factor, then how can you even think of being a fantastic hacker.
5) If you are a fantastic Cyberpunk, you already become a fantastic designer , a fantastic program author , a fantastic web designer and an outstanding protection professional. Well any fantastic Cyberpunk will/should have fantastic information of various factors and development 'languages'. to do XSS (Cross Website Scripting ) , PHP INJECTION , SQL INJECTION , PHISHING, FOOTPRINTING etc… you will have to be fantastic at programing and scripting. And when you know the Various cycle gaps , weaknesses and protection guidelines, you already become a Pc Security Expert.
So Never Ever Under calculate the phrase Cyberpunk. A Cyberpunk Is Not a individual who just hackers email id’s or web servers but a True Cyberpunk is a Pc Professional who the information of computer systems more than anyone.
Next time think before asking the query – “How much Will I get in this field?” because, if you have so many abilities , you really do not have to run after cash. Achievements comes and cash follows itself  



  1. It means for become good computer hacker you need to become master programmer is almost every language which are currently used. Than you can do hacking otherwise it was failure.

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  2. ya Pearl language is very helpful in hacking


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