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Monday, 16 July 2012

Remove Facebook Timeline and Get back to old one

Remove Facebook Timeline 

and revert back to old one

remove facebook timeline

Facebook Timeline, an aggravating factor for some; exciting for some. Lately I got a question from my companion that how to get rid off facebook timeline. So I believed to create a specific content on it. Because it is said that there is no formal way to get returning old looking facebook information web page, you can return it returning properly only if you have allowed it (via fb programmer account) before it combined out openly. But do not  fear because there are non-persistent way to kick-out the timeline. First of all we’ll go through the appropriate way.

Solution 1 : (Only for use who have enabled Timeline through facebook developer account, as I did!)
If you don’t know what is facebook developer account! Just leave this shit and just jump to next solution.
First of all navigate to Facebook Developer Page. Then click on “Edit App” at upper right side.
Now at the end of left-side pane, there is an “Delete App” link. Click on it and delete the app. Your Facebook Timeline should be now removed.
Solution 2 (A) : App for Google Chrome Users only!
Just install this Google Chrome App. TimelineRemove Chrome Extension. Just go to the extension page, install it in your browser and it will remove your facebook timeline. Follow the instruction if any!
Solution 2 (B) : Extension for FireFox users!
Here is the link to FF extension to remove the facebook timeline.  TimelineRemove extension for Firefox users by CNet.
After applying second solutions you may have to restart your browser to take effect.
If you have any further query I will love to solve it! Just post it via comments here and I will get back to you soon!


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