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Friday, 15 February 2013

What actually Apple Mac is?? And how it is different from windows PC

A Mac is a type of laptop computer or computer -- desktop computer, laptop computer or product PC -- created and promoted by Apple Inc., which operates on the Mac os, known as Mac OS. The primary opponent of  Mac pcs are computer systems that run on the Ms windows based pc created by Ms Corp., which are often associated with the name "PC," especially when evaluating Ms windows and Mac computer systems. There are lots of variations between Mac pcs and PCs in their features, elements and cost.

Apple mac vs windows pc


The apple company first introduced the Macintosh pc in 1984. It was the first pc to use a gui that made it simpler for users to use programs and devices. Fourteen years later, in 1998, The apple company began producing the iMac, which changed the laptop or pc market because it made it easier to access the Internet, eliminated the then-obsolete 3.5-inch floppy disk drive and used a hardware (USB) interface. The apple company continued refining the iMac line, which simply became known as the "Mac."


Microsoft first presented the Ms windows 1.0 os in Nov 1985. Like the first Apple OS, the user simply had to use a mouse to point and click through a series of windows to control applications and devices. Ms continued improving Ms windows, and in 1995, presented Ms windows 95, which had built-in Internet support, dial-up networking and multimedia features that made it the world's most popular pc os. In 2011, Ms windows continues to control the laptop or pc market.

Basic difference 

The most apparent difference between Mac pcs and PCs are all computer systems that run on the Mac OS are produced by The apple company, which is not the case with Windows. This year, there were more than a number of computer manufacturers that ran with Windows, such as Hewlett Packard, Dell, Entrance, Asus, Lenovo and Sony models. The apple company has often used this fact as a competitive differentiator, disagreeing that while there are only some Mac pcs available, they all meet Apple's production requirements, while Windows computer systems have a range of producers and requirements.


While more than 90 % of pcs were Windows-based PCs this year, Mac pcs taken over the top quality pc market. In 2009, according to TechCrunch, about 91 % of the pc systems sold at retail for over $1,000 were Mac pcs. In 2011, the lowest-priced Mac was the Mac Small, a small energy-efficient pc which was costing $699 by Apple, more expensive than some Windows PCs with similar requirements.


The majority of viruses, Trojans and other malicious

 software are targeted at Windows PCs, which meant 

Mac users not running an antivirus program were 

less susceptible to attacks. However, Mac users were

 still vulnerable to other viruses that targeted online



Where many users cite Windows PCs as having an 

advantage over Macs is the fact Windows PCs can be 

more easily customized. While Macs were available 

in nine options as of 2011, Windows PC users had the

 option of purchasing a base computer and more 

easily adapting it to their needs with memory, video 

graphics cards, software and more options of styles 

and price.

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