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Monday, 19 November 2012

5 ways to make your internet fast

Most people, if not all, have faced the problem of slow Internet connections in their lives at one point or another. This can be very distracting and annoying, especially during video conferencing or video streaming and other popular Internet uses. Even though you are a paying premium price for “high-speed Internet,” sometimes your high speed Internet just feels slow.  Here are a 5 quick and easy ways to boost your internet speed. Before doing any of the steps listed below, it would be good to check on the speed you are currently getting. A good way of checking the Internet speed is by using the website  SPEEDTEST.NET.

This website has various hosts situated all over the globe so you can check the rate to various parts around the globe which you are regularly getting information from. You should test the rate again after doing all the tips right here to see if there is a distinction in the rate.

If you are experiencing a problem with slowly online relationships, try these 5 confirmed and examined methods to increase online rate.

1) Getting rid of unnecessary program - Most people have programs on their computer that they either hardly use or worse, don’t use at all. While you may want to keep the programs on the computer rather than deleting it, there is a way to stop them from automatically starting up when you turn your computer on. Go to the settings section of your computer and turn “automatic run” off. This will prevent the programs from automatically starting when you turn your computer on. Programs eat up memory space and the lack of memory space can contribute to slow Internet speeds.
2) Increase RAM – all computer functions need RAM to function. If the RAM is maxed out on applications, then there isn’t enough to process internet information. It is now quite normal for any computer to have at least 2MB of RAM. If the computer you are using does not carry at least this amount, try increasing it.
3) Fast Browser – Many computer users are still using Internet Explorer to browse the Internet. It is well known than IE is not the fastest of browsers. Mozilla based browsers like Firefox and Opera are among the fastest browsers, while still being comfortable to use. Whichever open source browser you pick, make sure you don’t overload it with addons or extensions, those will just slow your browser down. However if both RAM and speed is not an issue, go for the luxury.
4) Test a different router/modem - The biggest cause of slowed down internet is a bad modem.  Test the internet speed on different equipment to see if it makes a difference. This problem is especially prominent for WIFI users. Sometimes the modem/router may limit the speed of your internet plan. For example, if you are on a high speed internet plan but your router can only support normal internet speeds then you will not get the benefit of the plan you are paying for.
5)Shorten and replace old cables - The length of the cables and their structure can affect internet speeds. Replace old cables, line, sockets and  use shorter and newer ones. This can often make a big difference. 

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  1. Your trick actually worked for me. I checked my internet speed in ScanmySpeed.com before and after following this trick and the speed is significantly increased . Thanks for the article.


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